You WU

pictures you wu J1 VisaYou WU, China Mandarin Language Teacher

I participated in The Startalk Chinese program, an intensive four-week program that allows American students to develop both speaking and writing abilities in Chinese as well as an understanding of Chinese culture.

Participating in this Foreign Language Teacher Program provided me with opportunities:

1) For a career enhancing experience which allows me to gain new perspectives and new teaching methods and share teaching experience with other teachers. Also, I have an opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and professional relationships

2) To learn Chinese from native speakers. It increases knowledge and international awareness on the part of professional colleagues through interactions with exchange teachers. Also, it can develop a professional relationship between the two participating schools, which can result in more teacher exchangers, and student exchangers.

3) The arriving of foreign teachers in host community, it allows whole community the opportunity to learn of another nation and acquire increased awareness of diversity of ideas, values and ways of life. These photos were taken at the Startalk’s final performance and New York Chinatown field trip in 2008. During this one month, the program includes classroom instruction as well as hands-on demonstrations and field trips. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York to let students see Chinese collection.

We also went to New York Chinatown to letting students have an opportunity to use Chinese in reality. Students spoke Chinese to bargain, order Chinese dishes, used chopsticks and drank Chinese tea. At the Startalk’s final performance, students wore Startalk’s T-shirts that write Chinese characters and do brush painting. They performed Chinese skits and fan dance, recited poems, and song Chinese songs “Beijing welcomes you”. When the final performance finished, students and I took pictures.