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NAME OF VIDEO www.vimeo.com/ Password Presenter
J-1 Visa Orientation 105764607 chfny Marianne Mason
Culture Shock–ENG-Kevin Glass 106767410 rocke Kevin Glass
Parent-Teacher Relations 184057184 rocke Kevin Glass
Culture Shock Part 1–Tom G. 53178492 chfny Tom Gilbert
Culture Shock Part 2–Tom G. 52950751 chfny Tom Gilbert
Culture Shock Part 3–Tom G. 53178489 Chfny Tom Gilbert
French J-1 Visa Video 2015 123032908 rocke Emmanuel Bonin
French Culture Shock 2015 124878533 rocke Emmanuel Bonin
French Parent Teacher 2016 184052794 No PW Dominique Velociter
SP J-1 Visa Orientation 016 154676090 chfny Susana Ghio
SP Culture Shock 016 153993958 chfny Susana Ghio
SP Parent Relations 016 153582272 rocke Susana Ghio
Mexican Consulate – how to apply 65827863 Rocke Ignacio Robles
Chinese J-1 Visa Video 2016 163609675 rocke Jun Jun Nan
Chinese Culture Shock 2016 151846402 rocke Jun Jun Nan
Chinese Parent-Teacher 2016 152036788 rocke Jun Jun Nan
New Rules-FR 184061907 France Bill Maher  ©HBO
New Rules-ENG 187375436 No PW Bill Maher  ©HBO
New Rules-SP 179595880 No PW Bill Maher  ©HBO
New Rules-Mandarin 189682763 No PW Bill Maher  ©HBO

Cordell Hull Foundation  Instruction Videos

See the list above for videos explaining procedures via narration, images and website video captures to help you through the various application processes involved with our sponsorship of foreign exchange teachers.
Click on Espanol to find videos in Spanish.
Note:  some videos require passwords to view.