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J1 Visa Teacher Exchange FEES

(1st) YEAR CHF Sponsorship – $1,200
(2nd) YEAR CHF Sponsorship – $800
(3rd) YEAR CHF Sponsorship – $400
(4th-5th) YEARS – $1,000 + State Department Extension fee (currently $367)
The American Embassy charges $160 + $180 fees to issue J1 teacher visa in the passport.

Sponsorship fees include school and teacher screening, half-day new-teacher orientation seminar in 15 U.S. cities, including New York, L.A., & San Francisco, pre-arrival and orientation manual in three languages, visa and immigration booklets in six languages, instructions and advice on how to apply for and interview for the J-1 teacher exchange visa at American Embassies worldwide, and continual monitoring and consultation throughout the 1-5 year program.

The Cordell Hull Foundation for International Education is designated to administer teacher exchanges and sponsor J-1 visas by the US State Dept.  After enjoying the experience of teaching in the United States on a temporary basis of one to five years, program participants are expected to return home to share realistic feedback on American culture.

The Cordell Hull Foundation offices are centrally located in midtown Manhattan in Rockefeller Center. Visit by appointment only, please.

To qualify as an exchange teacher visitor, required in J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Regulations (22 CFR Part 62),foreign nationals must be invited by a school, district or state to participate in and:

(1) possess the qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools in country of nationality or last legal residence;
(2) have two years of full-time teaching experience previous to application for J-1 teacher visa;
(3) satisfy the standards of the US state in which they will teach;
(4) be proficient in the English language;
(5) be of good reputation and character, and teach full time a minimum of 32 hours per week;
(6) teach at the same level (kinder, primary, middle or secondary) at which they are trained in home country;
(7) have worked as a TEACHER (not a principal, curriculum coordinator, intern, etc.) at the time of application.

Note restrictions on previous recruitment guidelines:

(a) A candidate who has been a teacher for 20 years but was promoted to school principal the year before application is disqualified.
(b) The candidate must actually be working as a teacher at the time of application.
(c) A candidate may not be placed at the K3 or K4 level unless teaching foreign language immersion in an elementary, K-8, or K-12 school.
(d) No foreign teachers may be placed in day-care or exclusively kindergarten schools.

The regulations call for only teachers experienced in the level and area of expertise to be placed in American PreK-12 classrooms.   New regulations aim to prohibit “practice” teaching in other grade levels or re-acclimating to teaching after a teacher candidate has served staff or strictly supervisory positions in schools for the year prior.  Being a designated teacher sponsor, the Cordell Hull Foundation is obligated to implement government policy.  Though we sometimes try to influence it, we are not at liberty to make policy.

Applications from individual foreign teachers will be accepted and kept in our database. CHF is not a personnel agency and does not represent individual teachers. French teachers from Francophone countries must be certified to teach in France to qualify for immersion programs in homoglued French-American schools.  See Teacher Application link at the bottom of this webpage which includes a Memo of Understanding to sign and fax to CHF.

The form may be completed in either English, French, or Spanish.  For best results, Spanish teachers should complete the CHF application form in English.

Schools and public school districts are invited to learn more about the teacher exchange J-1 visa program and that which we stand ready and able to do for you.  For details, click on FAQs … Frequently Asked Questions.

95% of CHF foreign visitors teach in bilingual or language-immersion programs in French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, German or Greek.  Others teach in programs such as ESL, science and in a dozen International baccalaureate schools.

Pictured below:  All-Saints-Day Tribute to deLesseps S. “Toni” Morrison, former Executive Director of CHF toni-morrison

To qualify for J-1 Exchange Visitor status, teachers must hold valid teaching certificates or university degrees from their home countries or country of recent residence, have at least three years of teaching experience or the equivalent, and meet other requirements.

See What are the requirements for acceptance into the CHF Exchange Teacher Visitor Program? on the FAQ webpage. Teachers are contracted by the school, school district or state education system on a temporary basis for a period of one year, extendable to five years. Participants are expected to return to their native countries to exercise skills and knowledge acquired in the United States, thus strengthening the ties which unite us with other nations.

Pictured with students is Julieta Montiel, a Panamanian teacher who obtained her Masters degree using a Cordell Hull Foundation tuition waiver in Louisiana negotiated by former Executive Director deLesseps “Toni” Morrison.julieta-montiel

Other initiatives include production of a one-hour Documentary film on the life of Cordell Hull and a video produced to help foreign exchange teachers find teaching jobs in the US (see J-1 VISA / Instruction Videos).  Funding is being sought for the d.s. Toni Morrison Summer Studies Program in Antigua, Guatemala to support short-term intensive study trips for teachers or businesspeople to become fluent in Spanish.  Students have the opportunity of living with a Guatemalan family while enjoying expert one-on-one instruction from native-speaking specialists at the Escuela San Jose el Viejo.  See International Programs.

Webpage written by CHF Trustees and edited by Joseph Scott, Communications Director.

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