In 2017, the Cordell Hull Foundation presented two dozen orientations in 15 cities around the U.S. in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin … for new teachers only.  The schedule for 2018 will start to form next spring.  At least 10 new teachers must be sponsored in the region in order to send a trainer.  Due to the large number of teachers who  have obtained 4th and 5th year extensions, fewer workshops may be needed in 2018.

MONMexicanJune 7UTAH
WEDMexicanJune 9Idaho
THURSMandarinJuly 21Bowling Green, KY
FRISpanishAugust 11Indianapolis, IN
SUNSpanishAugust 13Washington, DC
SATEnglishAugust 19New York City
SATFrenchAugust 19Santa Rosa, CA
THURSEnglish/MandarinAugust 24Kalamazoo, MI
SUNFrenchAugust 27New York City
FRIMandarinSeptember 8Portland, Oregon
SATEnglish/MandarinSeptember 16San Diego
SATEnglishSeptember 23Denver, Colorado
SATEnglishSeptember 23Los Angeles
SUNFrenchSeptember 24Los Angeles
SATEnglishSeptember 30San Francisco
SUNFrenchOctober 1San Francisco
SATEnglishOctober 7Tucson, AZ
SATSpanishOctober 21DETROIT
SUNEnglishOctober 28New Orleans