In 2018, the Cordell Hull Foundation presented orientations in 13 cities around the U.S. in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin … for new teachers only.  The schedule for 2019 will start to form in late spring.  At least 10 new teachers must be sponsored in the region in order to send a trainer.  There is a possibility that workshops will also be held in New Mexico and Florida in 2019.

MONSpanishMay 11Salt Lake City, UT
FRIEnglishAug 17Atlanta, GA
TUESEnglish/MandarinAug 21Kalamazoo, MI
SATEnglishAugust 25New York City
SUNFrenchAugust 26New York City
FRISpanishSept 7Hillsboro, OR
SATMandarinOct 6Portland, OR
THURSMandarinSept 14New York City
SUNMandarinOct 13New York City
SATEnglishSep 22San Francisco
SUNFrenchSep 23San Francisco
SATEnglishSep 29Los Angeles
SATFrenchSep 29Kansas City, MO
SATEnglishOct 13New Orleans
SATEnglishOct 27Tucson, AZ
SUNFrenchOct 28Austin, TX
SATMandarinJan 12Kennesaw, GA