Every year, the Cordell Hull Foundation presents orientations around the country in various cities on the East and West Coasts and in between.  In 2016 twenty-one were presented in New York, Oregon, Washington, DC, Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana, California, Michigan, Indiana, Arizona, Michigan, and Missouri.  We consider the orientation the most important part of the Teacher Exchange Program, training in the complicated J-1 visa and preparation for the inevitable adjustments to living in a different culture.

The Schedule for 2017 orientations will be posted in May or June 2017.



Language DATE                           CITY
Thurs Spanish June 30 Salem, Oregon
Fri. English/Mandarin July 29 Bowling Green, KY
Weds. Spanish/English Aug. 10 Washington, DC
Sat. English Aug. 20 New York
Sun. English Aug. 21 New York
Thurs. Spanish Aug. 22 Detroit, MI
Mon. English/ Mandarin Aug. 25 Kalamazoo, MI
Sat. French Aug. 27 New York
Sun. English Aug. 28 New York
Sat. Spanish Sept. 17 Salem, Oregon
Sun. English/ Mandarin Sept. 18 Portland, OR
Sat. French Sept 10 San Francisco
Sun. English Sept 11 San Francisco
Sat. French and Mandarin Oct. 1 San Diego
Sat. Spanish Oct. 8 Indianapolis
Sat. English Oct. 8 Tucson, AZ
Sat. French October 18 Dallas, TX
Sun. English October 16 New Orleans, La
Sat. French/ English October 26 Kansas City



William-Arthur-headshotWilliam Arthur is an experienced School principal and educator who has worked in multicultural schools in the UK, Middle East and West Africa and currently U.S.A.  He has worked in both outstanding and challenging UK schools.

He holds a BSc Hons degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Cape Coast and a Post Graduate in Education from Cambridge University, plus a certificate in Leadership from the National College of School Leadership in the U.K.   He is currently obtaining the National Professional Qualification for Headship at the University of London.

William has conducted CHF new-teacher orientations in Colorado, California, Arizona, and New York. He has mentored or supervised the mentoring of trainee teachers from Bedford University, Open University, Leicester University, Northampton University, De Montfort University, Greenwich University, and London Metropolitan University–in the United Kingdom.

In December 2015, Tucson International School was named by the Hanban as the “Confucius Classroom of the Year in the US” and top 10 in the world.  As Head of School, he traveled to Shanghai to personally receive the award from the Vice Premier of China.   He travels extensively in Europe and Asia.

As a Head of School, he provides transformational leadership and as a teacher, he inspires his students to excel, which he also does when he delivers J-1 visa orientations to new teachers sponsored by CHF.  It is our honor for William Arthur to represent the Cordell Hull Foundation delivering J1 visa orientations all over the US for cultural exchange teachers who come to the US from over sixty countries to help anticipate challenges they will face and offer solutions for overcoming them, thereby making the most of their exchange experience while in the US.


Susana Ghio-Headshot-2nd cropSusana Ghio has served as an educator and administrator for 30 years, represents the Cordell Hull Foundation on the West Coast and serves on the CHF Educational Advisory Board.  She also designs and conducts an Encuentra for teachers of Spanish in Oregon annually to obtain feedback and offer further guidance on their progress in adapting to US culture and the Oregon public school system.

Susana has presented orientations to new Spanish teachers sponsored by CHF in Portland and Salem, Oregon; Detroit, Michigan; and Indianapolis, Indiana. Susana represented CHF at the Capacitacion in Puebla, Mexico in March 2016 where she presented an J-1 Visa orientation for 90 teachers and interviewed all the CHF teachers being sponsored for the Mexican Migrant program to test their English speaking ability.

She is an Argentinian immigration lawyer holding certifications in Elementary Education K-8 and Secondary Education: and an Administrator License ESOL/Bilingual Education /Spanish.  She worked with CHF in Oregon for many years and attended one of the CHF orientations in San Francisco.

Susana colorfully and expertly narrated three CHF orientation videos which can be viewed on: www.vimeo.com/154676090, …153993958, … and 153582272 – current passwords to view: chfny  (Passwords are subject to change without notice.)


orillon_benjamin_headshot-websiteBenjamin Orillon is a bilingual American citizen, native to France.  Benjamin served as the President of the Association of French Schools in North America, an organization of approximately forty-five US and Canadian French-American schools certified to teach the national curriculum of France, from 2006 to 2010.

He has moderated CHF orientations in both French and English in San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.

Currently Lower School Head at the French American School of Puget Sound, he previously served as Chief Admin Officer of the Lycée Français de San Francisco, Head of the Lycée Louis Pasteur in Calgary, Canada, Lower School Principal of the International School of the Peninsula, in Palo Alto, California, and Head of School of the bilingual French-Japanese Kansai French School in Kyoto, Japan.

Passionate about bilingual education, Benjamin earned a BA in Linguistics from University of Rouen in 2004 and holds a teaching degree from Ecole Normale du Var in France.  Having also taught at various schools in France and the French International School in Hong Kong, he has extensive experience in international education and language acquisition.