Watch CHF Instruction videos to learn in-depth processes of how the Foundation operates, for both schools and teachers.

Some videos require passwords.  Write down the password before you click the link.  Click on Español to find videos in Spanish.

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LANGUAGE / subject PasswordPresenter
New Program – for PWCarlos Chubb
J-2 Dependent PWCarlos Chubb
Support Letter – for 4th-5th PWMarianne Mason
Cultural Activity PWCarlos Chubb
Cultural Activity Report-for 4-5 PWMarianne Mason
J-2 Work PWCarlos Chubb
How to teach in US – for PWCarlos Chubb
Step by Step – for PWMarianne Mason
New J1 Teacher Visa Regs-2016 PWCarlos Chubb
Travel Validation PWMarianne Mason
Rapport d’Activite Culturelle PWCorinne Gungor
How to apply for a Work PWCorinne Gungor
New Program- for Schools PWCarlos Chubb
How to teach in PWCarlos Chubb
J-2 Dependent PWCarlos Chubb
Work Permit Chubb
Mexican-How to Apply for J-1 PWSusana Ghio
Cultural Activity PWCarlos Chubb
 J2 Dependent Visa-CH JackyJacky Zhang
 Cultural Activity Report-CH No PWAibing Jia