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As with all nonprofit corporations, funding is crucial to the survival of the Foundation.  CHF seeks funding to support current and future programs and to pursue avenues to assure the continuation of Cordell Hull’s vision of peace and international understanding.  Contributions go directly to  program administration and implementation.

The Cordell Hull Foundation was organized in 1951 and operates for charitable and educational purposes, including, but not limited to, promoting, by educational means, peace, trade, and understanding among peoples of the Western Hemisphere and other parts of the world.

Currently, the largest program is the Teacher Exchange, which supports teachers from 55 countries of the world to spend one-three years working in public or private elementary or secondary schools across the nation.  Each year, CHF focuses on providing more services for less than most other exchange teacher sponsors.

Recent innovations for School Year 2009-10 are two additional instructional websites for current and future schools and teachers, with extensive forms and information pieces on tax exemptions, visa renewal processes, immigration updates – in addition to production of a DVD for new-teacher orientations, and producing informational and educational videos for access on our websites.


As a public, 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-sectarian, non-partisan organization, the Teacher Exchange Program operates on program fees.  Contributions are acceptable from entities, individuals and agencies with a deep interest in promoting progressive, peaceful relations among countries.

In accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, any grants or donation to the the Cordell Hull Foundation can be credited with income-tax credit to organizations, corporations and private donors.  Offers of assistance in funding by any donor, private or public, to support and perpetuate the vision of Cordell Hull for peace and international understanding are welcomed.  The Corporation is empowered by our charter to engage in activities which further charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes.  Neither Trustees nor Advisory Board members receive  compensation.

Future Cordell Hull Foundation projects include collaboration with other nonprofit organizations and universities to expand and produce teacher exchange programs,teacher trainee programs, a documentary film now in production on the life of Cordell Hull, summer studies programs, and on projects that promote international education and peace with other nations of the world.

A documentary film is planned to make better known the goals and motivation that prompted Cordell Hull to spearhead the United Nations and other important American initiatives, agreements and legislation.  This link will take you to the blueprint framed for writing, creation, production and worldwide distribution of a documentary film on the life of Cordell Hull.

A technology training program for exchange teachers in Silicon Valley is in development.  We welcome your interest and invite contact with the Cordell Hull Foundation for collaboration on projects of mutual benefit.

See Teacher Perspectives for details from individual teachers from five continents about their experiences in CHF exchange programs all over the country.

CHF welcomes any assistance and/or information that furthers funding efforts to promote our worthwhile programs and perpetuate the vision of Nobel Peace Laureate Cordell Hull (1945).  If you would like to provide information on funding or put CHF in touch with funding sources, please see contact information below.