How can our school establish a J-1 Exchange Program?

First read this FAQ section to get answers to your questions.  Then fill out the New Program Application form on

You will receive an email response.  CHF can offer candidates from our database or work with applicants in whom you are interested.  A contract can include setting up customized recruiting arrangements in specific countries using CHF multilingual staff and/or selection committees in the foreign country.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, CHF is not a personnel agency and do not seek jobs for individual teachers.  We do not charge a percentage for teacher placement.   A monitoring visit is generally arranged at the school or district office to meet the staff and/or exchange teacher(s) sponsored by CHF, preferably in advance of setting up the exchange program.  Participating schools must be certified as educational institutions at the elementary and/or secondary level.  Day-care facilities are not eligible for exchange visitor programs.  Uncertified schools that are exempt from state certification are ineligible for acceptance.