Cultural Activity Reports

  Ann Maria Hourigan 

Ann Maria Hourigan teaches in a British International Baccalaureate Pre-K to Grade 8 (IB) school in Manhattan consisting of approximately one-third British, one-third American and one-third international families. She plans annual excursions for New York students to visit the school’s sister city in London and serves as Head of the Science Department and IB Coordinator. Her    report focuses on:

1.  Cross-cultural exchange (London and New York schools)
2.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) initiative
2.  British Science Week

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Shanshan LIU

Shanshan LiRound-Colorful Chinese charactersu comes from the prestigious Hanban Program, the Education Agency of China which carefully selects their top teaching talent and generously dispatches highly qualified and motivated Chinese teachers all over the world, paid by the Chinese Government, to spread Chinese culture and teach Mandarin.  She teaches in an Elementary School in Kentucky and also participates in a variety of community outreach programs throughout the state including the Confucius Institute’s Traveling Mobile Bus which
features displays and videos on Chinese culture.

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cottagefrancaisbalboa_regine-roundRegine has taught at a French Immersion School in California for five years.  Her principal recommended her for a 4th-5th year J-1 teacher visa extension.

She finds ingenious ways to incorporate French History, Geography, cuisine, traditions, art, and celebrations into teaching both in the classroom, during innovative field trips, and at festivals, fairs, and other events in and around San Diego.  She also volunteers for the Balboa Park Holiday Nights which attracts visitors living all over California and surrounding states, where people from many countries and cultures share their food, music and art.

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        Julien BUDRINO



Julien BUDRINO has been teaching at a French-American International School in New York City for the past few years and submitted this report involving excursions around the city as part of his request for a 4th and 5th year extension in J-1 Teacher Visa status.

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           Oscar PAU


Oscar PAU hails from Spain.  He is currently in his fifth J-1 visa term at an International School in New York City.

He has helped create the curriculum for the Spanish language program, and thanks to the new J-1 teacher extension for an additional 4th and 5th year, he received approval to stay for two additional years.  He sometimes lends his organization skills to aid the Cordell Hull Foundation in presenting the annual new-teacher orientations in New York in August.

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      Leah Schmalenberg

Leah Schmalenberg teaches in a private school in California.  In the photo, she is showing her 5th-8th grade students how to place ice curling.

Instead of playing on ice, she substitutes a sunny field in Los Angeles.  Ice Curling is a sport that Canada usually dominates in the Winter Olympics.

The goal is for students to learn the rules of a new game and to gain interest in watching other countries compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

For the second Interactive Internet cultural activity, her students collaborated with a 6th grade Science class in Canada to develop a mini science fair, presenting two separate projects to each school, sharing ideas through chat, blog, and email.  Students can get ideas from others who live in different climates and have experienced extreme weather conditions to help them better understand their project topic.