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What is CHF?

The Cordell Hull Foundation (CHF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to Cordell Hull, 1945 Nobel Peace Prize recipient as “Father of the United Nations.” CHF has administered J-1 teacher exchange visas since 1951.
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HOW TO RENEW J-1 Teacher Visa

Culture shock is covered in CHF’s new J1 teacher visa orientations and is treated in a number of books, including Director Marianne Mason’s J1 VISA UNCLOAKED, available on amazon.com.

Cultural information from the native country is communicated in foreign language classes, pageants, plays, readings, field trips, and other activities.  See examples on the CULTURAL ACTIVITIES page.  In language immersion schools, fifth-grade students travel to the target country, stay with host families, and participate in classes with their counterparts, then reciprocate when foreign students travel to the U.S. We sponsor French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Greek, and Italian immersion schools where all subjects are taught in the foreign language.

CHF is not a teacher recruitment nor a placement agency.  For guidance on whom to contact to find a teaching job in the US, click here for the short video in English, and here for Spanish.


For J-1 visa status, foreign teachers must
(1) qualify to teach in K-12 schools in their country of nationality or last legal residence*
(2) have two years’ full-time teaching experience
(3) satisfy the standards of the US state where they teach
(4) be fluent in English**
(5) be of good reputation and character
(6) teach full-time 32 hours per week minimum in the US
(7) possess the equivalent of a US university BA degree (4 years) in education or subject taught
(8) be currently working as a teacher in home country or country of last legal residence (not as a principal, curriculum coordinator, intern, tutor)***
(8) have worked in J-1 visa status in the US during the previous 2 years
(9) work in day-care schools

*As of December 2018, some consular officers have asked teachers for teaching certifications
**CHF may interview teachers personally to check English skill
***unless currently obtaining a Masters in Education

Schools – HOW TO APPLY

Watch our 5-minute New Program Video in English or Spanish. The link is listed on our INSTRUCTION VIDEOS page for foreign teacher exchange.
In order to set up a working relationship to establish an Exchange Teacher Program for CHF to sponsor foreign teachers in J1 Teacher Visa status, fill out the NEW SPONSOR FORM.

Or read the SET-UP GUIDE for detailed instructions.

Confirm with CHF if a teacher is qualified for a J-1 teacher visa before going through other steps.

For late starts (after October) there are additional steps necessary to follow.

Cordell Hull Biography

Click here to access his list of accomplishments


Click on Teacher Exchange link above for list of program and J-1 visa fees.


Health Insurance for teachers in J-1 visa status

Relocation Guide for Schools to host Foreign Teachers

Teachers – HOW TO APPLY

You may fill out an application which CHF will keep on file and submit if a school is looking for your profile.  Note: The school must pay your CHF sponsorship fee.

1. Download application from FORMS page in three languages. Best to complete in English (click below).

2. Download CHF Memo of Understanding from FORMS page. Read, sign, scan and email to pro@cordellhull.org.

For more details, see the Foreign Exchange Teachers page.

Click here for CHF application form in English: