What is CHF?

The Cordell Hull Foundation for International Education (CHF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  organization dedicated to Cordell Hull, 1945 Nobel Peace Prize recipient as “Father of the United Nations” and the longest-serving US Secretary of State during 12 years under Franklin Roosevelt. CHF has offered programs to improve foreign relations through educational and cultural exchange since 1951.

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Offices are in midtown Manhattan in the Rockefeller Center complex in New York City. Visit by appointment only, please.


Culture shock is covered in CHF’s new-teacher orientations and is treated in a number of books, including Director Marianne Mason’s J1 VISA UNCLOAKED, available on amazon.com.  Pascal Baudry’s cyberbook Français Américains L’autre Rive can be downloaded free of charge on: http://www.pbaudry.com/  Click on “télécharger gratuitement” to download.

Cultural information is communicated in schools across the U.S. where CHF sponsors exchange teachers through pageants, plays, readings, field trips, and other activities.  You will find many examples on the CULTURAL ACTIVITIES page. Students benefit through learning about customs and mores of other nationalities, as well as literature and spoken language skills.  In most all language immersion schools, fifth-grade students travel to the target country, stay with host families, and participate in classes with their counterparts, then reciprocate when foreign students travel to the U.S.   Foreign languages represented in immersion schools are French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Greek, and Italian.



Teachers may fill out an application which CHF will keep on file and submit if a school is looking for your profile.

1. Download application from the FORMS page. Scroll down and choose English, Spanish or French. Best to complete in English (click below).

2. Download the CHF Memo of Understanding from the FORMS page. Read, sign, scan and email to pro@cordellhull.org.

98% of CHF teachers work in foreign language, Baccalaureate or foreign-language immersion schools. If you are from a native-speaking English country, and teach in English, we suggest applying elsewhere.

Note: CHF is not a teacher recruitment nor a placement agency.


The first step is to set up a working relationship to establish an Exchange Teacher Program for CHF to sponsor foreign teachers in J-1 visa status.
You may watch our 5-minute New Program video in English or Spanish. The vimeo.com link is listed on our INSTRUCTION VIDEOS page.
You can also read the SET-UP GUIDE for detailed instructions.
The first form to fill out is the NEW SPONSOR FORM.


*Foreign nationals teachers must …

(1) possess the qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools in their country of nationality or last legal residence
(2) have two years of full-time teaching experience
(3) satisfy the standards of the US state in which they will teach
(4) be proficient in the English language
(5) be of good reputation and character
(6) seek to enter the US to teach full time 32 hours per week minimum
(7) have worked or taught OUTSIDE the US for the previous two years
(8) teach at the same level (kinder, primary, middle or secondary)
(9) worked as a TEACHER full-time the year prior to applying (not as a principal, curriculum coordinator, intern, tutor, etc.)

*Nos. 2, 6, 7, 8, & 9 were altered by new teacher regulations (2-29-16).

For more details, see the TEACHER EXCHANGE page.

Click here for CHF application form in English:


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Summer Study Program

The deLesseps S. “Toni” Morrison Summer Intensive in Antigua, Guatemala, aids you to rapidly become fluent in Spanish while enjoying an idyllic setting in this quaint village.  CHF has documented success for learners who stay immersed in Spanish for a sustained period without reverting to English or the learner’s native language.  Currently, grant funding is being sought in partnership with an innovative International school in Louisiana.  Additional information on Foundation programs, donor opportunities and sponsorship may be found in the How to Donate section.